Located in the south-western part of Aomori Prefecture, Hirosaki, whose population is approximately 180 thousand, is a historic city where various buildings coexist such as samurai residences, temples, Western-style houses from the Meiji period, and Hirosaki Castle at the center of the city. It is well-known notably with apples as its specialty product, and also with famous Cherry Blossom Festival of Hirosaki Park and Neputa Festival. On the outskirts can you experience rich natural environments such as Mount Iwaki and Shirakami-Sanchi, and they will show varied faces from season to season. It is here in this city where the source of the delicious taste of Shikanai Senbei can be found.

  • Tsugaru-senbei

    Senbeis (Japanese crackers) in Tsugaru area to which Hirosaki city belongs are characterized by their rather thick dough. Artisans who inherit the original taste and recipe of the time of the foundation make our senbeis with carefulness. You can enjoy the fragrance of our products when you open the package because they are wrapped just after the baking process.

  • Kasanebako

    You can stack your feelings and send them with ‘Kasanebako’ (stacking box). The box can be utilized as a small article container after enjoying its contents.

  • Rapple

    This product has become very popular within and outside Aomori Prefecture and is now the most popular one in our shop. Apples used are made in Aomori and are purchased from contracted farmers, and the dough is made from plenty of eggs to become the fluffy state to which we have an attachment. Here you can find the ‘deliciousness’ of Shikanai.

  • Koaki

    Scene of Hirosaki

    The meaning of ‘Koaki’ is ‘a small autumn’. Tsugaru area in autumn is covered with apples shining with their ruby color. The scenery and the delicious taste of the apples were formed into a delicate and small senbei. We cut painstakingly produced apples in round slices with carefulness and bake them to make senbeis. You may be able to picture a piece of autumn scenery when you eat Koaki.

  • Sakura-senbei

    Hirosaki Castle

    At ‘Hirosaki Park’, known as a picturesque scenery of cherry blossoms, some 2,600 cherry trees blossom surrounding the Hirosaki Castle. From late April to early May, as much as 2 million people visit the park for enjoying the cherry blossoms and enliven the city. ‘Sakura-senbei’ is a beautiful senbei studded with cherry flowers, which represents the spring in Hirosaki.