• Kuchen?

    It means ‘cake’ in German. Since this product contains many cube-shaped pieces of apples, it seems the impression of the sound of ‘kuchen’ fits with it more than that of ‘cake’ does. The fragrance of cinnamon matches apples quite well, and the texture of the dense dough can satisfy your appetite. We recommend this for your afternoon tea time.

  • Brownie

    Hirosaki, which brought in Western culture more quickly than other cities did, has some ‘modern’ buildings from the Meiji period and churches. We made a ‘brownie’ which matches with such a city. It is made from the compote of apples and the chocolate dough. You can enjoy a thick and rich taste, and also an aftertaste spreading out in your mouth.

  • Cheerful Today

    Fragrance of butter and flavor of milk provide us with vigor. One piece of ‘Cheerful Today’ at the start of a day, another one at lunch time, and one more for an afternoon break or before after-school lessons. We want to be a source of someone’s energy. With this wish, a madeleine made with apple syrup was born.